alexander ALEXABDER hallo zusammen Watson That's very good TranceBaer Hello DJ, your voice is very clear today and perfect new music - am happy again with u !!! Watson Oh ha - hey Paul! Thanx for tuning in! what's your name?yowzer Hey buddy tuned in Alexander


Eelke KleijnHey Eelke, how are you doing? At first we`ll thank you for the possibility to hear an exclusive guest mix from you for ‘Tranceparency’. What can we except? Hi, I’m well thanks! The mix is a bit funky with some deeper tracks as well as more 80s influenced stuff which I really like right now.

You`re one of the producers of, let`s call it, a new generation beside guys like Joni Ljungqvist, Terje Bakke, Tyler Michaud, just to name a few. You started producing in the age of 17 and released a really high amount of tracks up to now. What are your plans for the future? Well I recently launched a record label called Outside the Box Music which I plan to do a lot with. The first release is getting good support from Hernan Cattaneo, Fish Go Deep, Piece Process, Chloe Harris, etc. Currently we’re releasing music digitally, but I’m aiming to go for vinyl / CD as long as the market allows it. It would be cool to do some compilations on the label as well in the future. Also DJ wise I hope to play out some more. I recently played in Jordan, Lebanon, Serbia, Greece and a couple of other countries and those were great experiences.

What do you want to achieve with your music and your sound? How would you describe your sound? I think my sound right now is really broad, hard to define as one style. My sets usually range from minimal and deep / tech house to progressive and breakbeat. Practically everything I like. This is also what I like to do with my productions. I’ve recently produced an EP for Baroque which is very 80s like, melodic and happy. But I’m also producing minimal house with Nick Hogendoorn to showcase the different sounds of what I’m into.

You teamed up with a lot other producers like C-Jay or Stewart Kennan. How you got into contact with these guys and when you decided to work together? C-Jay is a Dutch guy as well, we we’re introduced to each other by a friend of ours. We spent some time in the studio together and worked on each other’s unfinished productions a bit, that turned out really well. Stewart Keenan I got in contact with through Lost Language, he approached me after I had released an EP there. We could get along pretty well and decided to try and do some stuff together here in Holland and back at his place in England.

How is the proceed when you cooperate with other producers? Are there strict guidelines what you do and what the other one does? Not really, it always depends on what the other producer is into. I’m really a control freak myself so in 95% of my co operations you’ll find me behind the controls. On the other hand someone else could be working on melodies at that time. It always evens out in the end.

From which things you obtain inspiration? Can be a lot of different things, usually it’s just listening to different kind of music. I like to listen to hip hop and ambient a lot and sometimes draw inspiration from there. Classical music as well. Inspiration can also come from going out a night and hearing some tracks on a loud sound system completely blowing you away. In that case you’ve usually forgotten about it the next morning though ;)

Are you doing something beside producing or deejaying or is this your full-time-job? It’s my full time job but I’m also a 3rd year Psychology student. I’m spending more time on music though so it might take me a bit of time to get through that, but I definitely plan on finishing it in the next couple of years.

Is it your job you ever dreamed of? Actually I always thought I would end up in computers somehow. Until I was about 15, 16 I figured I’d become some kind of nerdy programmer. That was my main interest back then. I slowly started to enjoy house music more though, and around my 18th I was pretty sure that was the best thing for me.

What are you listen to when beside electronic music? Hip hop (Missy Elliot, Wu Tang, Nas), Jazz, some rock but not the harder stuff, classical music, and some of the better top 40 artists like Justin Timberlake, Dido, Enya, etc.

Your favourite tracks these days? In any order:
Elite Force - Heart of Darkness (Elite Force Re-Rub)
Chadwick Strange - Conductive (Recursive Remix)
Wally Lopez, Rene Amesz & Peter Gelderblom - Strike me Down
Spirit Catcher – Spacialized
Soda Inc. – Falling feat. Trixx Anthony

Well Eelke, thanks for this little interview. I hope we hear from you soon. We wish you all the best.
Kenneth ThomasHey Kenneth, you`re back from a little tour. How was it and how are you? I`m good. It was a 3 week long tour with Paul Oakenfold & Perfecto. The first 10 days we were in Mexico & the lower part of the US and then ended up in Miami for the Winter Music Conference. That was the long and stressful part as we did 6 gigs in 10 days (5 in a row) and we all were flying to each event. Then we had a few days rest in Miami. The second leg of the tour was alot more relaxed as we were on a tour bus. Even though we did 6 events in 8 days but when you travel by bus its really easy. After the gig we would load up in the bus, go to sleep and the next day we would wake up in the next city parked outside our hotel. Quite easy. Once i got home i took a few days off an just chilled then it was back into the studio.

These days you`ve released a new compilation called ‚Obsessions’ like your own show on ETN.FM. Could you please tell us something about it; how long took the development time of it and which are the main critieria to choose a track for it? Well i've been known for putting out pretty well produced double CD promos every year or so for some time. They have been really well received in the midwest US but as they weren't cleared for legal sale they were really just glorified promos. I would always make them double discs as that is the best format for me to express myself musically. Last year a new Detroit record label called Atomic Quill Media approached me about putting out my first true mix CD. It wasn't really cost efficient anymore to do the double CD format so we went with one disc. I decided to focus in on the melodic progressive trance sound that i was most associated with, basically what i tend to play in my peak time dj sets. The tracks all have an emotion all their own and i tried to really tell a story throughout the 70 minute mix.

Actually there are some new tracks from you, like ‚Tonic’ which was featured on one of the last ‚Coldharbour Selections’ of Markus Schulz. ‘Ghost in the machine’ is your new single and Armin played it on his show ‘A State of Trance’. When will it get a release and which label signed it and which remixes will be available? Are there any other tracks you`ve finished? Tonic was picked up by Markus late last year. There is a single that is planned to come out on Coldharbour very soon. The single will feature the intro mix (which is what that track is truly made for, to be a huge intro track) and the techy Pillow One remix. Ghost in the Machine is my first vocal track. I tapped a local Detroit singer, Colleen Riley to do the vocals. Its been picked up by Alter Ego Records who did a really good job of promoting my track with Mike Skye, Varekai. They got Mike Shiver to do a really really good melodic trance mix and Elevation came through with the progressive stormer everyone has been into. Other than those two, i have a progressive house tune coming out next month on Hope Records called The Orange Room. Nick Warren did the remix and we've seen support from everyone from Paul van Dyk to Steve Lawler and Deep Dish. There are also a handful of remixes ive been doing over the last few months that you will be seeing shortly on a bunch of different labels.

You`re from Detroit, a city which is not that known for Trance-Artists. Techno got his roots in Detroit and the scene is stamped with a lot of big names, coming from this city. How did you came into Trance, especially Progressive? Could give us an insight of the scene there? Well, the Detroit scene really get me into electronic music. I was more into the local Detroit Punk Rock scene growing up. On a trip out west some friends introduced me to Paul Oakenfold's Tranceport and that CD just really clicked with me. When i came home i still didn't seek out clubs to hear this new music live, instead i bought a lot of mix CD's and in 2000 i started djing. Detroit has impacted me musically as i do connect with the hardworking character of the City and i do take some influence now from the minimal/dirty sounds detroit is known for now. I would say Tonic has a bit of the hard edged techno sound that Detroit is know for.

Kenneth ThomasWhat is necessary being a good DJ in your opinion? Does it depend on the tracks he`s playing or the perfect mixing? Do you think you`re a good DJ? On which criteria you build up a set? I think the most important part of djing is having a good ear to play music that really gets a dance floor moving. yea, you absolutely put your own taste into it but what you play at a live gig must be friendly to the dance floor. We are DJs. We need to remember that its not about us, its about the dance floor. Dont play stuff you don't like of course, but gear your sets to rock the floor not just fill your own personal desire of what you want to hear. As far as mixing goes, thats a given. You need to be able to flow from track to track seamlessly. Things are going to happen technically at times that you cant control that will mess up the occasional mix but other than that a dj really needs to be perfect to keep that flow and energy together.

Do you work beside the music or is it your full-time-job? No, for a few years now, djing & music production have been my full time job.

How does it looks like in your studio? Do you got a ‘real’ studio with a lot of hardware or do you use some of the advantages of software? My studio is pretty simple. I have my Mac G5, Midi controller and monitors. Im all software, working strictly in Logic 7. My DJ set up is in the same room as is my PC. Thats it. Thats what i love about production these days. You don't need $20,000 in equipment to get started. You need a good computer and a few good programs and you can produce stuff that rivals the most expensive equipment out there. There really isn't anything holding producers back beyond their own ear and imagination...

Do you got a strictly order when you produce a new track, or does it change track by track? Nothing strict, but usually i will start out with some percussion looped. Then add a bassline and maybe a mid bass. Tweak the perc & bass till is really sound nice. Thats the groove of the track usually, the bass & perc. Then I will start to add top end melodies and lead elements. Usually end up with a minute loop with all sorts of crazy stuff going on. Then i will strip it down and start to build the track. Usually in the building process I will add some new stuff and take away other stuff that was in there. In the end i will hopefully end up with a new tune.

In our scene the internet becomes more and more important. It is necessary to promote own tracks and get into contact with other artists all around the world. But there are many shady sides with in it, like the illegal file-sharing of mp3s. Often tracks are online a long time before they`ll be released. What do you think about this fast development of the internet? More positive or more negative? Tools like AIM & MSN are very useful when networking with other artists or labels in other parts of the world. It is almost a necessity, but a producer needs to be careful who and when he sends his new tracks to. Its safest to find a good tight network of fellow producers that you know you can trust to share your new tracks with. It really does take away from the financial side of things, what little there already is, when a track gets leaked. There really isn't any excuse except for laziness when a dj gets their tracks off places such as Soul Seek. You can buy track so inexpensively off of sites like Beatport its just truly disrespect and selfishness when someone downloads their tracks illegally.

I guess, from time to time you don`t want to listen to Trance music. What do you listen to in moments like this or do you listen to nothing other? When im not listening to dance music i am usually listening to talk radio. Sports talk radio mostly. Other than that i listen to some chilled stuff like Coldplay, Dave Matthews or Martin Sexton. I sometimes still break out the old Punk Rock stuff like Face to Face or Rancid.

Could you name us some of your alltime-favouristes? Too many favorite producers to mention, i have new ones every week! I still think Paul Oakenfold has one of the best ears for new music out there and I always look forward to his new mixes. Ferry Corsten has a really good sound right now. Guys like Luke Chable & Pig & Dan have been putting out great stuff for years.

At the end, a topic which got nothing to do with music: A few weeks ago the US-soccer-team lost 1:4 in Germany. Do you got any idea why they lost in this way, cause the US-team was estimated better before the match? Which round they`ll reach during the FIFA World Cup in Germany this June? Soccer? What's Soccer? The Pistons however, will most likely own the NBA final this year cause they have owned everyone this whole year. They are mad that they lost by a hair in last years Finals in Game 7 and they have been on a rampage to win it all since game 1 this year.

What can we expect from your set next Tuesday? Very Melodic, more on a progressive tip but still very big room!

Many thanks for the interview. I bet, we`ll hear from you and we wish you all the best for your plans. Well, the Detroit scene really get me into electronic music. I was more into the local Detroit Punk Rock scene growing up. On a trip out west some friends introduced me to Paul Oakenfold's Tranceport and that CD just really clicked with me. When i came home i still didn't seek out clubs to hear this new music live, instead i bought a lot of mix CD's and in 2000 i started djing. Detroit has impacted me musically as i do connect with the hardworking character of the City and i do take some influence now from the minimal/dirty sounds detroit is known for now. I would say Tonic has a bit of the hard edged techno sound that Detroit is know for.
Shawn MitiskaHi Shawn, how you doin? Say time, how is the weather in Colorado with you? With us in germany it`s alyways still ass-cold at present. I’m doing just fine at the moment; the weather here in Denver, Colorado is remarkably warm right now. Couldn’t ask for anything more, warm weather and snow in the mountains.

Every man can say that you became quite known in the last 12 months - had changed something for you since then, if yes, which? Not much has really changed with me physically, I guess in terms of production I’ve been overly busy with remixes, which I really wasn’t with before.

You had only a preference for rock & pop, how did you come then to the club music? Well, I was always big on Electro sounding rock so naturally when my friend showed me my first BT album I loved it on first listen.

After the interest for electronic music was waked, do you began with dj-ing, which producers have you especially affected in this connection? I started Djing first as it was the easiest way to show my emotion through music with vinyl. Production came much later down the line once I knew what kind of sounds I liked and wanted to make / emulate. Recently I’ve been inspired by Matt Rowan, Jaytech, and my good friend Matt Cerf.

And how are you came to the producing? There was a key experience for you or was it only the logical consequence after the dj-ing? As I grew in dance music I decided that the next logical step was producing, so I picked up my first copy of Fruity Loops and started to learn basic music production.

I`m noticed that you collaborated often in producing, for example with Matthew Cerf, Tyler Michaud or also Santiago Nino - results such co-productions coincidentally or do you work simply rather in team? As for co-productions I’ve found I like to get other sounds that I necessarily wouldn’t normally come up with. Co-Producing with good friends I feel gives the track or tracks an all around better feel ranging from two different artists rather than one.

With listen to your remixes i discovered that your sound is quite different, describe your sound self once. I always like to try and do something different in each of my tracks or remixes, so it really depends, on any given track I could go housey, or even trancey it really jus depends.

Ok, to your current release "My All" - how it came to this co-production with Rob Aker aka Jose Amnesia? Actually, this track started with a good friend Serp, who has also produced with Jose Amnesia on a track called ‘Second Day’. Serp and myself started this track and for whatever reason Serp got burnt out on it, so I went ahead and recorded the vocals to it with Mike Burns (Interstate). After Jose had listened to the vocals he was impressed and wanted to work on it with me. After at least three versions we finally came to the final product you have now.

There are already a releasedate for the remixes from Mr. Markus Schulz and the Flash Brothers? The original actually already out on Cold Harbour Selections Part 9 however the remixes along with the original again are coming out Monday, April 10, 2006.

Which interesting projects line up shortly respectivaly can you tell us otherwise any secrets? ;-) I actually just finished up a remix with Noel Sanger for Solaris Recordings and a remix of Markus Schulz’s Never Be the Same Again with Jose Amnesia. Other than that you just have to wait and see.

Shawn MitiskaTell us a little about the project "Interstate", who puts behind and which we can expect there in the future? Interstate is actually Mike Burns, Mark Lewis, and Colleen Kelly, in the future you can be on the look out for ‘Love Freak’ with a remix by myself and Matt Cerf.

How do you produce a track in the studio? Do you have your "own" way? How long does it last to usually make a track? For example how long lasted "My All"? It really depends again, it can take up to almost a year in the case of ‘My All’ or even as little as a day or so.

We have many young djs and producers with, what for tips can you give, if they play with the thought, to out a demo? Does it have for a long time with you lasted with that demos or had you fast luck? I was very lucky to have friends connected with labels and A & R’s however I feel that if you have a solid piece of music a label will see that and sign it fairly quickly.

What do you think from the german scene? The techno scene is enormous at the moment, but the trance scene suffers a little bit, which german artists/producers likes you? The only artist I can think of now that is German is PVD (Paul Van Dyk), if Paul is a good representation of trance in Germany I think it’s pretty rockin!

In the acceptance, your house would burn down and you had time to save only a one single, which would be it? Well if my family and animals were safely outside I’d most likely save my CPU as I could probably replace my turntables under warrantee…haha.

Your 3 all time favourite tracks?
01: BT – Never Gonna Come Back Down 02: Lange feat. Skye – Drifting Away
03: PQM – You Are Sleeping (Luke Chables Vocal Pass Mix)

When you`ll honour perhaps germany? When do you come over the large "pond"? Hopefully soon I’m on the hunt for a good booking agent at the moment so let’s hope I can find one soon!

Thanks for the interview, Shawn, and much success for you in the future. Thanks for the interview, and I hope has much success in the future as well.

Tomas HaverlikHey Tomas, how are you? You`ll be guest at the show Tranceparency on next Tuesday. What music you`ll be playing? As usualy, I´m going to play nice progressive tracks fullfilled with melodie and nice groove. In any case, it will be very agreeable.

You`re from Slovakia. Could you please tell us something about the trance scene and electronic music generally in your country cause many people don`t know anything about it? In fact our country is backward in many things...One of them is music... The most popular is still techno music and some kinds of music , which i cant describe... Progressive and trance is just little part of present music scene in Slovakia. There are not good conditions for our emotional nice music. Otherway, young ppl have no money for parties. They dont want to spend too much money for entries and we can not pay for interresting foreign guests... For example 3,- euro is maximum what they can accept. I think that it is main reason why our music is still "sleeping" in our country. HEEELP!!!!

You are working together with TKAC for a long time now. How you came into contact with this music especially trance and when did you decide to produce your own music? May which DJ or producer inspired you doing this? In present time I work alone like solo project and I have contacted with this music by natural way in year of 2000 when the progresive scene have been shaped in GB.

Do you got a real studio using hardware synthies and so on or do you produce your tracks with software like a lot of people do actually? I don´t have special hardware to produce sound. I help to myself with hardware effect, midi controler, midi keyboard and mixer. Of course that I need the sound card and near field monitors of high quality. Anyway I use just software.

Your sound is really many-sided and complex. There are always little nice melodies, groovy basslines, banging drums and many more. How long you need creating such melodies? And how long you need producing a whole track? Primary theme is come out from melodies that you had talk about. That spring up spontaneously and fast during one night. But sometimes I do all composition during long weeks and months. Arranges are the most hard points of set up track.

Tomas HaverlikUp to now you got one release on the really famous progressive label Baroque. Could you tell us something about upcoming releases? Are there any new tracks or remixes? Yes, in present time I´ve finished four projects and some remixes. I can tell you their names: Leeane, Nadine, Ariane, Futura and Tatra ...

What are your future plans? I´m going to work on vocal parts of some before mentioned tracks. It will be the most hard and important events that I have to overcome.

Trance and progressive are not that big in Germany. Do you know any DJs or producers from Germany? I have friends from Germany called: Sonorous, Alex M.O.R.P.H. and Andrew Bennett.

Internet gets more and more important to promote his own music but there are big problems like file-sharing. How you handle with it? Nobody can keep from this. it is how it is. Everybody has to deal with this fact. But I hope that digital downloads trade will become attractive for everybody and one day will people come to realize that they ridiculous amounth money for high quality track it s more comfortable that have rips from vinyls.

Which are your five favourite tunes at the moment? Hmmm... for example anything from my mixset :-)))

We`ll be excited to listen to your set. Thanks for the interview and we wish you all the best for your future. Thanks for your interest. I hope that you will like my set and don`t forget! KEEP THE QUALITY HIGH!

Özgür CanHi Özgür, how you doin? It seems to be you are very busy at the moment ... right!? I´m fine thanks, well i´m always busy but then again i´m not.

How was the one week in Miami to visit the WMC? Which people did you met there, maybe it results any interesting contacts? Well it was my second year so i kinda knew what to expect, i went down there for a weeks vacation, not with the intention of making any serious contacts, but you know, its Miami, you always meet fun and interesting people!

Do you played 7 gigs in 6 days - was this not very arduously or just prevailed the fun of this? Most of them were just small things, some were shit some were good, but all in all i had a really good time!

Ok, another question: so if i came to Stockholm now, how i would to imagine the clublife or rather what can i expect there? Well since our beloved police force in stockholm is on "killing the club scene spree" you wont find many clubs that play dancemusic! We basically got one proper house club called "Grodan" means "the frog" takes about 200-300 people maybe, thats where i go on the weekends when im home. Its a really good club, nice people great atmosphere and always top notch bookings! I´m noticed this ;-)

Do you followed a certain direction with Furry Music or what can we expect of this? Tell us a little bit, there are already hot details for the future. We follow our hearts with furry music, no specific direction, as long as its good and funky and does the job on the dancefloors! Next up is a young guy from Holland called Roel H. Very very talented kid, been following his work for years, and we just signed 2 of his tracks, very nice stuff, we are very happy with this release! After that we will release the next Furry Nipples single called "Why" its very different from "Surroundings" and "Slackers" this one is more housy detroitish kinda vibe to it, we are very happy with it.

Ok, do you have create another baby, in co-operation with Dumb Dan, explain for our listener - what`s the story about the birth of "Skymph Music"? Actually Skymph is the third label i´m involved with! I run another label called Plejour Audio with a friend from the UK, but i dont think people know i`m involved with that label. The Skymph label is something ive been wanting to do for years, i have a big passion for alternative stuff, and so does Daniel, so we decided to start a digital label for all kinds of stuff we like, pop/rock/synth/electronica and well basically everything you can think of and not :)

And which hot material is coming up by the person Özgür Can or one of your aliases ;-) some nice remixes and özze stuff? Yeah i´ve been working alot on new stuff past month, finished a couple of tracks, and reworks of older tracks! new "Not Even Winds" version will be out on armada digital i think dunno when tho, then Precinct Recordings thought it was time to release "on a white day" after almost 3 years so i´ve made 2 new versions to keep the release fresh, the old one that everyone has will not be released so if you still like that version you know where to find it.

Well, i`m read that you sending out tracks per cd and much easier for everyone through the internet. That`s a positiv example of i-net and for the producer/dj-scene, but there are any sad ways with in it like the illegal file-sharing of audio - in all of us what do you think about this fast development, it`s more negative or rather positive? To be honest, i got really pissed before when people downloaded my shit, but nowadays i cant be bothered with it, i dont care really, i cant do anything to stop it so fuck it, but im all for the legal digital download sites like beatport and stuff, its nice and easy.

And what does looked like your fav studio setup? I don´t know that you use only Fruity Loops, so what you prefer any hardware or is Özgür just a software guy? I only use fruityloops + soft synths

When i see your sound trend for the last years ago there are many styles, so how would you define the sound of Özgür Can? Well like i´ve said many times before, my taste in electronic music seem to go in 2-3 year periods, i get bored pretty easy and try to find new stuff, i can´t really define my sound, i like so much stuff i get influenced by all of it =).

Özgür CanIn order to experience your sound do you can reveal where some nice gigs lined up and give pay attention for a özze party? I just got back home from Budapest this weekend, it was really nice. I´ve been away 5-6 weekends in a row now so this coming weekend i have a little break and then off to Barcelona to play at the Sonar Festival. The Stockholm Club Grodan is hosting a party called "take me to sweden" with a insane lineup of swedish talents i´m really happy to be a part of that, check if you wanna see the lineup! then some other stuff i cant remember it all in my head but check the dumb and furry forum where i post my dates.

Ok, i heard that the sweden guys are excited by norwegian chicks, in the line of xxx movie actress, what`s the deal and to be honest! ;-) Hahaha, well that does 2 ways, norwegian dudes like swedish girls and swedish dudes like norwegian girls, the grass is always greener on the other side right? ;) To be completely honest i don`t know a single norwegian porn actress, do they even have any?

Maybe ;-) In nice expectation we want to know how called the next Özgür production in the pipeline!? The last thing finished up is the new "on a white day" version, its very deep and im very happy with it.

And when you`re not producing and playing, what for music listen you else? When i´m at home and chillin i never listen to electronic stuff to be honest, i´m a BIG fan of alternative stuff, indie stuff and all kinds of alternative things.

Alright Özgür, this interview wraps up. Many thanx to you for taking the time and good luck with your work ... cheers! thank you! Ok & no problem, have a great time and big success for our radio :p

Nick ThompsonHey Nick, how are you doing? You`ll be doing a guest mix for Tranceparency on GlobalBeats.FM on next Tuesday. What can we expect from you? Which sound do you prefer? I guess you can expect a lovely subtle blend of Progressive, House & Trance with a twist of electro! At the moment im really loving the progressive house sound! Something about those lovely percussion elements just gives the tracks that gorgeous drive!!

When did you decide starting wih deejaying? Was there a special decisive moment for you? 1997! Basically I was round at a friends house at a house party, to cut a long story short I ended up on the turntables for an hour... the first time ever on the decks!

You`re producing as well. Could you please name us some tracks you did and tell us if they are already have been released or signed by labels? Currently Released:
Nick Thompson – Spice Fire (Markus Schulz Coldharbour Selections 4) (Electronic Elements)
Nick Thompson & Spekuless – Deep Level Lines (Incl Remixes) (Real Deep)
Fineart – Empathy (Nick Thompson Remix) (Inov8)
Nightlight – For U (Lost Language)
Keenan & Bajwak – Jericho (Nightlight Vocal Remix) (Lost Language)
HKN – The Space Between (Nick Thompson Remix) (Active Records)

Coming Soon:
Nick Thompson & James Vickers – Synaptic Sex (Original Frousey Mix) (Alter Ego Progressive)
Nick Thompson – City Kid (Lost Language)
Everwake – Twilight Rising (Nick Thompson Vocal, Dub & Sunset Remixes) (Inov8)
& more!!

Being a producer is more simple nowadays than in earlier time. The equipment is still not that cheap but software gets more and more important. What are you using? Firstly I would not say its more simple these days.. the tools may have advanced but it still requires talent and a hell of a lot of patience to produce music! At the moment I am using FL Studio 5 & Cubase SX 3 with various vst’s and abusing the University studio for some non dance based projects!

Are there any things you do beside music or is it your full-time-job? Although producing is technically not my full time job, I do spend every day producing since I am currently at university studying music technology!

Progressive sounds are very hot these days. It`s growing more and more. What do you think Trance is in five or ten years? In 5 years? I have no idea! That’s why I love trance, because its so unpredictable!! I would love to see the techier side really come through for a while as I find it great to dance to, but I guess we will just have to wait and see on that! The other way I would like to see it go is a more progressive house side of things!

Tranceparency is part of GlobalBeats.FM with some really talented and good DJs but there are also a lot of other good online radios. What`s your opinion on internet radio stations like this? Are there too much of them or is it a good way to present the forms of electronical music to the people out there? A few years ago I would have said that there weren’t enough stations, now I think even though everybody seems to own a station it’s a fantastic thing! I mean 5 years ago you would struggle to spin for 50 people on the internet… now you can connect to a station and you immediately have an audience! Plus its great for letting up and coming talent get heard!

What are your ten favourite tracks right now?
1: Armin Van Buuren ftr. Nadia Ali - Who Is Watching (Perry O'Neil Remix)
2: DJ Remy & Roland Klinkenberg - IntroDubtion
3: Harry Lemon - Rise! (Jack Russell NYC Mix)
4: San & Sebastian Moore- Night Eyes (Niklas Harding Remix)
5: Placebo - English Summer Rain (Nick Thompson Bootleg Remix)
6: James Wood pres. Wandii - The Asylum.
7: Kenneth Tjonasam Pres. Spekuless – Curacao (Gabriel Batz Remix)
8: Emphased Reality – Realsphere (Static Blue Remix)
9: Scandi – Risifrutti
10: Perry O’Neil – Numb (Stels Shoot The Glass Remix)

Thanks for the short interview. We`ll be excited listening to your set. All the best for your plans. Bye.
HawkHawk, how do you doin? Did you get over the flu well? Hi mate! I´m doing very well thanks. Oh yes, the FLUE! I get that every winter, next year i will get one of those shots the old people get, hehe. I hate being sick, but it was only for a week, and i´m fine now. I did get some time to produce while i was sick though.

Your first release was in November 2005 on the Anjunabeats label „Anjunadeep“. On that label you released the progressive trance track „Need For Cognition“. Describe your feeling to see many big DJs playing your production, did you count on as so much positive feedback? I did not expect to get that much great feedback, no. At least not while i was producing the track. Just that Anjuna signed the track was a big surprise to me back then. I didn´t realize that I actually would have a release on such a big label until i had the vinyl in my hands. The support of the track was enormous as well: Armin, Tall Paul, Above & Beyond, Andy Moor, Schultz, Jon O´Bir, and maaaany more. You get a special feeling when you know so many people have heard your track all around the world, and that the “big guys” actually like a track that you´ve made u know. But i must say that I have a great label, and they put in a lot of effort to promote me as an artist, they´re doing a great work over at the Anjuna HQ.

Where did you get your influences and inspirations from to make a track? The inspiration can come from whatever or where ever. I´m not really sure where i get the ideas from. Sometimes i get ideas after going to a club, relaxing with my girlfriend, traveling, or just listen to other tracks. There are many producers who have influenced my style. Back in the days Orbital, Astral Projection, Prodigy, Underworld and Chemical Brothers influenced me a lot. These days i really enjoy the sounds from BT, Mark Otten and Andy Moor. I do not try to copy their style or tracks or whatever, but the overall quality of their tracks are really something to admire.

How long takes it to make a hawk production? 3 days, 17 hours and 21 minutes. No, seriously, it´s never the same. Some tracks i make in two or three days, but usually it takes around a week or two. Then after that i try the tune in some sets, and bring them back into the studio to some adjustments, or re-edit pieces.

Tell a little bit about your track „Cantus“ - is it only a digital release or we get the chance to buy it also as vinyl? So far it´s only a digital release. It´s out on Real Music Records now, and Armin, Oakenfold and Schulz have been hammering that one. I would love to get it released as a vinyl, and if any others wants it on their decks then send a mail to the record company! hehe

Your forthcoming release is „Space Between“, when is release date and who makes a remix of this? The releasedate are early March. If i´m not wrong, you can already get hold of the promo at Audiojelly. As we speak the track are being promoted by Active Records, so watch out for it in a club near you, hehe. Oh yeah, and the remixes: Nick Thompson have done a really great remix with massive percussion, and that one are already greatly received among people. The not so infamous Kenneth Thomas have also done a nice more of a progressive remix.

Can you report to our audience perhaps also of other exciting releases? As for my own productions, i am now finishing my first EP under my “Hawk” alias (that will be a big one! I hope). Another one to watch out for are my “Air Breeze” project. That´s a new alias i will use for more trancy tunes, and i have already played the first production in a couple of my sets and radioshows. Other than that i have some plans for a vocal track and much more, but i don´t want to reveal everything yet.

May we expect interesting remixes of you for the future? Ah yes, i´ve been really busy in the studio remixing lately. I remixed “Mark Otten – So Serene” just for fun, but it looks like that one will be released digitally on Armind very soon. My remix of “Bakke & Ljungqvist – Bali” are going to be released on Enhanced Progressive this month as well.

Since when are you an electronic music lover? Hmm… that´s a hard one, cause i´ve always enjoyed the sounds from synths and computers. i remember when I was 6-7 years old and were playing around on my Amiga with my sister. Already back then the basic “tracker-programs” amazed me. Though i guess i totally fell in love with the electronic music when i heard Orbital – Lush 3.1 back in 1994.

How would you describe your sound? Luscious melodies with a deep bassline, which makes it work both in clubs, and in your headphones.

You have your own studio in Oslo, what`s your favourite studio setup, hardware or software? For many years i was a hardware-geek. I tried to use software as little as possible, and used all my money on synths and other hardware stuff. But in the last two years or so, i have almost only used software. I guess that´s the evolutuon in producing: it all goes over to software. Some stick to hardware, but for me the software are exactly what suits my needs.

On your website i read that you care a Axel Rose leather-jacket in your school period, in believing that you are the next rock-superstar – what are the reasons for electronic music to get your attention? Haha, oh no. That jacket are haunting me! Everyone brings that subject up. But yeah, when i was around 8 years old i loved Guns´N´Roses, but mostly just because my older sister liked them. i played the guitar and even performed “Knocking on a heavens door” for over 500 people! How embarrassing, hehe.

The electronic music got my attention because of the melodies and the possibilities. What can´t you do with electronic music? You can combine it with any genre you want, and still make it cool! For me it´s a lot about the melodies though. You can create unique atmospheres with melodies, and bring up feelings to the listener.

But you are not only a producer/remixer, the people can also see you as a DJ, what makes more fun – producing or dj-ing? That´s right. i´ve actually been a dj longer than a producer. Hard one to choose between that, cause i love doing both so much! To play in a club and make the crowd go mad with a track that you have produced are a special feeling. i can´t choose mate, too hard!

There are differences between your productions and dj-ing or what kind of music can people expect in your sets? I usually spin as the same style I produce, but it all depends on the crowd. Sometimes i can put on some more trancey tunes, sometimes deep progressive ones. It´s all about reading the crowd you know. I would not say that I play trance, neither progressive: i try to cross the boarders between those two genres.

You have 2 resident jobs on (check Hawk`s agenda on his website), any other nice events/parties scheduled yet? (Right now I only have one on ETN) Yeah, there are a couple of things happening these days. Looks like I will have a radio show on a major US radio station, but i can´t reveal too much about that yet. There will be some international gigs in 2006 as well, but most of them are unconfirmed so far.

Which music prefer you to except for electronic music? I listen a lot to other kinds of music. Everything with a special sound gets my attention. Mew, Kent, Coldplay, The Mars Volta are some examples of what´s on my iPod.

What did you plan otherwise still for the year 2006? I will keep on studying Marketing for sure, and i have also bought my first apartment! Apartments are really expensive in Norway so i hope my releases go well, hehe. Music will play an important role for me, and it will probably not be the last time you´ll hear the name “Hawk,” “HKN” or “Air Breeze” this year.

Finally, a personal question: what makes the move in your first appartment? ;-) I decided to buy my own apartment cause i didn´t want to pay a rent any more. Just economically better for me. The first thing to MOVE into my apartment will be the bed, and my girlfriend… You get what i am saying? Haha.

Yes then keep it all alright. Thank you very much for your detailed interview and good luck and success for 2006! I´ve to say thank you and wish many output for your and your radio.

Hey Glenn, how are you? Can you please tell us something about you? What are you doing beside deejaying? Well currently im working in a full time job on a cell phone company – not too happy with it so that might change soon. I've started learning in a course teaching music production which means I`m starting the next step in my music career hopefully it will bring good results one day. It's hard to describe my life without music – I'm not human without music even at work I try to listen on my i-river to some dj sets I downloaded. On weekends you can find me drinking too much on parties (unless it's a big dj I like and then I completely sober) or just hanging with my friends or spend the weekend at home.

You`ll be doing a guest mix for "Tranceparency" next Tuesday. What can the listeners expect? Could you please describe the kind of music you`ll be playing? One hour of a pure progressive treat well the purest that you can find these days when minimal and electro have taken control on almost all the dj's that were known as progressive dj's.Playing just a bunch of great tunes isn't my mission – building it all into a one hour of a musical journey that will mean something all together is what I'm obligated to – there won't be any difference this time.

What do you want to express with music? Any emotions and feelings? With no reference to music genres I think most if not all genres are progressive and deep. Music for me is a deep thing and I want to deliver my emotions and passion for music to the listener. Why do I think almost all the music is progressive? Well for me it's even righteous as a dj – building a set that will progress well and will lead the listener straight to the point where i as a dj want him to be.

How did you came in contact with electronical music in generally? Do you got some idols which inspired you? Well there was a local radio here that every day just when I finished school played a show of 2 hours by a local dj – never heard of him again since that time but it was my very first step I think back in 1998. I've discovered the amazing dreamy uplifting trance of that days and producers that I owe them my passion to electronic music that finally brought me to where I am today are Vincent de Moor, Ferry Corsten, the old Tiesto. The first dj I really loved was ferry corsten who did some amazing sets on 1999-2000. These days I`m still listening and loving the uplifting trance dj's producers and some of the new stuff that is out but I'm more into progressive. Inspirations? Any good album I hear. New stuff works great for me. For example I really enjoyed the new albums of dousk and Nathan Fake.

What are your Top10 tracks at the moment? Not easy, but i did it:
01. Miss – Rhinoplasty (Mike Brin Remix) [Magnolia]
02. Jay Lumen – Lima (Snake Sedrick Remix) [Tilth]
03. Maindave - Roboacid [Aurium]
04. U & K - Paranoid [L2]
05. Simon & Shaker – Zero [Electronic Elements]
06. Kopi Luwak – GT [Bonzai]
07. Abdul Bayyari - 400 Years Till Dawn (Eelke Kleijn Remix) [Selective]
08. Junk Science - Moodswing (Nikola Gala Remix) [Underground Lessons]
09. Francis Davila – Disolution [Istmo]
10. Darren Gate - Track 2 [Skip]

Thanks for the possibility listening to your sound. We wish you all the best for the future and your plans! Thank you too for hosting me on the show! My pleasure!

Gabriel BatzHi Gabriel, how are you? Next Tuesday we will listen to a one-hour mix from you on What can we expect and how would you define your style? I am doing fine thanks. My main sound is melodic electronic dance music. However, it can be defined in many ways. I believe in two styles of music…good and bad! I try to play many styles and not just stick to one style. I can go from tech house to electro through progressive to trance while keeping the melodic element of course. It keeps things fresh and interesting for me and for the masses.

You did a remix for a well-known track ‚”What?” by Attention Deficit. How did you get the chance to remix this tune cause the track needed nearly three years to get a release on Markus Schulz` label Coldharbour Recordings? Actually it’s a bit of a long story. First, I remixed David Guetta’s “The World is Mine”. My version of that track offered a melodic and electro take from the original. That remix alone gave me a lot of exposure. Markus Schulz took notice and played that remix. He then came to Montreal in September 2005 and that’s when I met him. He had no idea I was from Montreal. He later asked me if I would be interested in remixing a track he had signed. At first I had no idea about the track. I accepted then I locked myself up for a full three weeks to work on the remix. And the rest is history.

Are there any other tracks or remixes from you, what will be released in the near future? 2006 will be an important year because I have plenty to be released. For my original productions, I have three tracks (Painfull Desire,Fendahl and Inner Touch) lined up on M.I.K.E.’s Club-Elite imprint under Armada. Then I have six more tracks to be released on Fiberlineaudio. I am also working on several collaboration projects, which are going very well. I am working on a second indie album “Changes” for a possible release in the summer. As for remixes, my remix of V-Sag’s “Kittie in an Empty House” will be out soon on Fiberlineaudio, a remix for Spekuless’s “Curacao” out at the end of march on Alter-Ego Progressive, two remixes including my remix of Nick Thompson & Spekuless’s “Deep Level Lives” on Real Music Recordings.

Are you a full time producer or do you got a real job beside the music? I am a full-time DJ/Producer/Remixer and I will continue to pursue my goals in music.

How do you produce? Do you start with a melody or a bassline or something other? For remixes it all depends on the parts I receive. For my own songs it can vary. All depends on my mood and state of mind.

From what do you obtain inspiration? Life itself is a never-ending inspiration. I take my life and music day by day. I am blessed with love and fortunate to have met people who have become key elements in my growth as an artist and as a person. Montreal inspires me a lot as well. It is a beautifully rich city both in culture and diversity. It has a deep effect on my music.

How did you fall in love with electronic music? And how did you come into contact with deejaying and producing? My father is the person who introduced me to electronic music. Tangerine Dream, Brian Eno, Jan Hammer, Vangelis, Depeche Mode and Enya are some of many artists I discovered through my father. I was drenched into new age/ambient music as a child. And his record collection was all on vinyl. He had a small belt-driven turntable. It rapidly became my favourite toy. That’s how I first encountered vinyl and turntables. I was a guitarist in numerous rock bands during my teens. I liked performing in front of people. I liked the attention it brought. Then by high school, my friends were throwing parties and I naturally started to DJ. It was a natural progression I guess. But I always knew one day I would be making music. I knew I had it in me. Then the first time I heard Robert Miles’s “Dreamland” album, I quickly said to myself this is what I want to do with my life. I rapidly started producing with a pair of drum machines (Roland Tr-808 and 909), a bassbox(Roland Tb-303) and a four track analog recorder(with the big reels!). Then all my gear got stolen and that’s when I decided to switch to software based music production. I haven’t looked back since.

You are from Montreal. Could you provide us with an insight to the Montreal Trance scene? I would be lying if I said that there is no progressive/trance scene in Montreal. But it isn’t that great. However, I intend on changing this. It’s not an easy task. Luckily I am not alone in this. Montreal is blessed with talent especially guys like Nick Pilon, DJ Wizz and Ulrich Van Bell pushing the harder trance sound. And guys like Sultan, Tone Depth and Max Graham putting Montreal on the map when it comes to progressive. However, there’s a wave of minimal techno and electro all around the city. I am personally open to this wave just as long as the music is melodic. After all, Montreal is known for being a techno-house city. Tiga, Nivoc, Sean Kosa, Jordan Dare and Akufen are just a few of so many artists whom I admire and draw inspiration from in that scene. However, I strongly believe that the progressive/trance scene would be a whole lot healthier if there were more producers involved and contibuting. I often feel like the “Black Sheep” of the city.

Which things you`re going to do in the next couple of months? What do you want to achieve with your music? For now I’m concentrating on having a solid catalogue of productions and also focus on my radio shows. I will tour the US and Europe in the spring and participate in music festivals this summer. I have signed on for some surprise appearances so be on the look out. I will also visit the Middle East in the summer.

Suppose you have to go on a lonely isle and there are only three records or cds you could take along. Which records would they be? Brian Eno - Music For Airports, Enya - Paint The Sky With Stars, Paco De Lucia-Fuente y Caudal

At the end another issue: Who will win the FIFA World Cup in Germany? Being Hispanic, I like the South American teams. But I must admit, the German team has a chance. Bayern Munchen is one of my favourite teams in futbol.

Really much thanks fort he set and the interview. We wish you all the best for the future. Bye. Dank für Haben ich und sieht Sie bald Deutschland! Thanks for having me and see you soon Germany. Cheers.

Tyler MichaudHi Tyler, how are you? You`ll be doing a one hour mix on next Tuesday. What can we expect? Hey everyone! I’m doing great. I’m excited to be doing this mix and interview and you can expect a little bit of everything out of my mix set! Listeners will hear a bit of progressive, some groovy electro house beats, and even a touch of trance. My DJ’ing and production style is one that is without a genre and I hope the listeners like it!

Actually ‘Interstate – Remember me’ with a remix by Shawn Mitiska & yourself was released on Coldharbour Recordings and on ArminD. How are you feeling about it? I’m very, very satisfied with how the remix came out. It is definitely one of my most professional sounding productions to date and being that it was released on both Coldharbour & ArminD was a surprise that I could’ve never expected!

How many tracks have you released up to now? I currently have 4 original tracks/collaborations released, and 2 remixes.

You`ve sent me a sample of a track you`re working on which sounded really nice. Did you finish some new tracks?
Yes, I actually just finished a new track today. It is my first solo production entitled ‘Tyler Michaud – White Widow’ and I am very pleased and excited with it! Other than that, my only other finished track that’s awaiting release is my tune with Canadian producer ‘Sunquest’ entitled ‘Northern Comfort – Don’t Look Back’. It is scheduled for a release on vinyl and digital formats in March 2006 with remixes from Genix and Michael Splint.

Is it already signed to a label? No. My track White Widow is currently unsigned. It was just completed and I have sent it out to one label in particular. Keep watching for updated news on the track! As for my track under my “Northern Comfort” alias, that is signed to the ‘Real Music’ label.

When did you start DJ’ing/producing your own music? Are you playing some instruments? I started producing and Dj’ing about 4 or 5 years ago when I was very young. I had immediately fallen in love with EDM and knew it was what I wanted to do. I had first started off with Fruity Loops and a pair of Stanton turntables and over the years I have been able to fund what is now a very nice studio-styled setup! I started off with no knowledge of any instrument, and picked up little things here and there on the keyboard as I went along. I did have half a semester of music theory though, which taught me a lot about classical composition and what sounds go good together. On the professional side of things, I have been producing seriously and concentrating fully on the music for about 6 months to a year.

Are you using hardware or software? Right now my productions are mostly all software using the program Logic 7. I used to have a Roland JP8000 synthesizer but sold it. I think nowadays software and VST plug-ins have the capability of being able to emulate real hardware synthesizers pretty well, so on my budget software is easily the best answer.

You`re djing on one of the biggest online radios worldwide ETN.FM. Could you please describe the sound you play. The sound I play is hard to describe… But if I were to put a name to it I’d have to say it’s………… Melodic-progressive-bass-driven-tech-house. ;-)

You’re really young. What are you doing beside the music? A lot of people ask me this question, and I feel privileged to be able to say that right now music is my complete focus. Now that I’m finished high school I have roughly until next September before college classes start up. I don’t have many expenses so I’m able to focus strictly on my musical career without having a ‘real job’. This year is really going to be a test for me though. Do I stay with just Electronic Music, or do I want to go to college and pursue a career in something else…? …I guess that’s a question that only time will be able to tell.

There are a lot of young producers that are rising up at the moment. What do you think about the new generation of DJs and producers? I think the new generation of DJ’s and Producers is great. A lot of new talent is coming from all parts of the world, and it seems as if the people putting out quality music are getting younger and younger! It just proves how big EDM is becoming and I’m very glad to be able to contribute!

Internet is very useful to get into contact to other artists. I guess you think in the same way... Yes, very much so! Being that I’ve only been able to access clubs recently because of my age, the Internet has become my main method of getting my productions signed, recognized, and distributed properly. I believe that the world of EDM is forever evolving, and that the people involved in the technology and the online music communities are ahead of the game! exists now for over a year. It is more and more established and international DJs did some exclusive guest mixes up to now. Do you think this is a good concept to present electronical music in all of its forms? Yes! I can’t stress the importance variety enough! I’m a lover of dance music in all forms, whether it is Chillout/Ambient, or banging Tech-Trance. I think it would be boring to just listen to one style of music all the time, so the concept that Global Beats has is very good!

Thank you giving us the chance to listen to your sound. Thanks for the interview. All the best for your future and I`ll bet that we all will hear from you... © 2018 | design & customization: Mathias Kolbe | webplayer: Dennis Schröder | imprint

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